Thursday, January 21, 2016

For skiers and snowboarders visiting Japan
We have many customers vising Hokkaido and Nagano for skiing and snowboarding, and also for working at the resorts during the winter. Like them, for those people going straight to the ski resorts from the airport, we recommend you arrange a mobile wi-fi and SIM cards in advance.

There probably aren't any electronic retailers like Yodobashi or BicCamera once you are away from the city center.

Also, one of the common questions asked by customers is "will the high speed mobile wi-fi (wimax) work in Hokkaido?". We would say "Yes, in some parts of cities but not in the ski resorts."

If you are going to Niseko area, we recommend you get our Standard Speed Mobile Wi-Fi, which uses the docomo network that covers wider area than the High Speed Mobile Wi-Fi(Wimax).

If you are going to get our SIM card, the connection will be more stable if your device can connect to Band 19 in addition to Band1. For instructions on how to check if your device is compatible with our SIM card, please check our older posts: Android, iPhones.

For more tips for skiing and snowboarding in Hokkaido, you could check the blog by Whiteroom Tours. Whiteroom Tours is one of the tour operators that offer guided ski and snowboard tours in Japan. On their blog, they mention our name in the post "8 Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding in Hokkaido, Japan"! Thank you!

Whiteroom Tours

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