Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to receive our package at airbnb without any hassles

We have many customers who order our items to be delivered to an airbnb apartment. And quite many of them have trouble receiving it for some common reasons.

This post is about how to receive our packages at an airbnb apartment without any hassles.

1. Enter correct address. Don't forget to include the room number.

The most common cause of undelivered or delayed package is insufficient or incorrect address.

Please ask your host to give you a complete and correct postal address. A complete address means it has a correct postal code (zip code), and if it is an apartment, it should include the apartment name and the room number.

We have a lot of customers who don't include the apartment name and the room number.

Make sure you enter the complete address.

2. Ask your host if they have reported the address and his/her name to the post office.

Many airbnb rooms available in cities like Tokyo and Osaka are apartments used just for airbnb and the host doesn't actually live there.

This creates another common trouble. Sometimes the address and the owner's name are not reported to the post office by the host. When the address is not reported to the post office, they consider the place as a vacant house and would not deliver any mail.

This is the post office's operation policy and we cannot do anything about it.

Make sure your host has reported the address to the post office.

3. Indicate the host's name in the address.

We strongly recommend you send the package to in care of  (C/O) the host/owner of the house or put their name as the recipient.

When the mailman sees an unfamiliar name on the package, they usually ring the bell and ask the residents to make sure the package is delivered to the correct place. When no one is at home, they could bring it back and leave a delivery notice in the mailbox instead. Sometimes they will deliver it even without the resident's name as long as the address is sufficient, but why not be on a safer side?

Asking for re-delivery is not that difficult but it would be much easier if the mailman can simply leave the package in your mailbox.

4. Get the key or the key number of the mailbox from your host (if there's any). Check the mailbox once you get to the airbnb.

The package will be delivered in the mailbox as long as all above is done correcly. The mailman will not bring it to the door. Usually mailboxes are located on the ground floor of an apartment.

If the package is not in the mailbox, there should be a delivery notice from the post office. Please call the number on the notice to arrange re-delivery. 

We try our best to get items delivered in time but it's not possible without your cooperation. Hope these tips will help you complete a perfect order with us!!


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