Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Using your Whatsapp account with our SIM card in Japan

Our SIM card is a data SIM, so you cannot make phone calls or send and receive SMS. However, you can still communicate with friends and family using apps like Whatsapp, LINE, Skype and Viber.

Here are tips on how to use your Whatasapp account linked to your phone number in your country with our SIM card in Japan.

1. Simply put our SIM card in your device and connect to the internet.

2. Open the app. If you are asked to "Change Number", DON'T! Just ignore the message and proceed.

3. Done!

You CANNOT create a new account with our SIM card because WhatsApp requires to verify the number by sending SMS when creating a new account. Our SIM card cannot receive SMS.

If you don't have an account yet and are planning to use WhatsApp while in Japan, please sign up and have an active account ready before using our SIM card. Or you have already landed in Japan, you can put the SIM card from your country and connect to free wi-fi to sign up and receive SMS. Then, put our SIM card and continue using the same account.

For more details and updated information, please check the official website of the service.


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