Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Regular size" or Micro or Nano?

Finding out the right size of SIM card that fits your device is the first thing you need to do before placing an order.

It is a bit misleading that the biggest SIM card, which is used in many Android devices is named "Regular size SIM card" or "Standard size SIM card". It makes some people to think that it would fit in most devices. In fact, Regular size SIM card are not compatible with iPhone (except for iPhone 3G) and many Android devices especially the recent models.

Not all android phones need "Regular size" SIM card.

To find out what size of SIM card you need, all you got to do is to google your device's model name and check its specification. SIM cards are available in 3 sizes; Regular, Micro, and Nano.

Actually, many customers who order Regular size SIM card from us find out it wasn't the right size after arriving to Japan!

Please make sure you order the right size.

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